Message from the President

DTS INSIGHT CORPORATION has been started as a member of DTS group,merging with Yokogawa Digital Computer Corporation and ART System Co., Ltd. and embedded related business of DTS CORPORATION on April 1th, 2017.

Our following thoughts are in "insight" of the company name:
Make maximum use of techniques or know-how and provide the best service to you by cultivating "insight" or "the state of having to see the significance of something".

To date,
- System development product in automotive/embedded field
- Hardware/Firmware development
- Measurement control system in healthcare field
- Commissioned development in various field, etc.
we have supported your business as above in each company's strong field.

We will achieve services for the world of IoT continued to evolve further in the future by "the state of having to see the significance of something". Then, DTS group's expanded services provide high-value added solutions to you.

Thank you for your continued guidance and support.

Isao Asami
DTS INSIGHT Corporation