RAMScope Case Study

GT170 series
Use Cases

RAMScope has received a request from inverter / motor application development (HEV development), and a noise-resistant "high-speed software variable (RAM) measurement tool" was born.This tool is sold as standard under the product name "RAMScope".After that, "RAMScope" has been widely used for automotive control applications, consumer and industrial equipment.
Below are some of the use cases.

Gasoline Engine System
Verification with 100 times the fineness of CAN tools
BLDC Motor Control
Visualization of vector control, capturing motor changes in control cycle
Battery Management System
Multi-channel (battery and cell management information), long-time recording of gradual changes in multi-stage batteries
Hybrid Electric Vehicle
System verification of coordinated control of multiple ECUs by synchronous measurement
ADAS Applications
Measurement and recording of a large number of variable channels of vehicle information, CAN bus measurement synchronization of vehicle control
Central Gateway Controlle
Synchronous measurement of multi-channel CAN/CAN FD to solve the complicated GW problem of automotive network
Multi-Axis Motor Control
RAMScope solves high performance microcontroller control verification that coordinates control between shaft motors
Embedded AI
e-AI solution for failure detection of motor-equipped home appliances