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製造ライン向けシリアルフラッシュプログラマ/フラッシュライター NETIMPRESS avant

Software Overview

In order to make effective use of our product NETIMPRESS series, we have prepared PC software that pursues user-friendliness of programming operation and affinity at the manufacturing site. The following is an overview of the three types of remote control software.

NETIMPRESS Programming Execution Control Software:Features and Functions of SWX600

SWX600 is PC software for remotely controlling NETIMPRESS avant(AFX100)/acorde (Programmer Unit: AFX210).
This PC software is a NETIMPRESS dedicated application software for building the flash memory programming environment and operating the flash memory programming on the target.
(SWX600 is provided free of charge from our supporting webs)

Digital I/O Unit Control Software:Features and Functions of SWX630

SWX630 is a sample software for controlling Digital I/O unit (AFX220) of NETIMPRESS acorde.
Digital I/O control for operating fixtures (inspection jigs for mounting boards) in manufacturing facilities using SWX630, and log control of operation results can be performed.Prior to incorporating the DLL (SWX640) of Digital I/O control package in conjunction with the manufacturing equipment into the user application, please use it to check the I/O signal status of the manufacturing equipment and fixture jig, the operation of the test signal output, etc.

NETIMPRESS avant/acorde Control Library(SWX610/SWX640)

SWX610 is the DLL of the function library that controls NETIMPRESS avant(AFX100)/acorde(AFX210).
We have prepared a DLL library for development purposes to link NETIMPRESS with user applications for production lines.It is possible to build an application in which one programmer is single-threaded and multiple programmers are multi-threaded.
SWX640 is also a DLL of the function library that controls the digital I / O unit (AFX220) of the NETIMPRESS accord.Digital I/O input/output control and execution log management can be linked with production facilities.