Introducing measurement equipment cooperation
with other companies' tools (partner products)

Linking RAMScope with Other Manufacturers' Tools and Measuring Equipment, From Coordination in the Control Development-Field to Efficiency

【ASAM (*) Compliant with Standards】

At variant vehicle development sites, product line development is carried out by platforming a common base and adding unique parts and functions for each product. In order to share and reuse the standards base and the development assets for individual parts, standardization of verification data environment (ASAM) is attempted.

(※)Association for Standardisation of Automation and Measuring
Systems(ASAM e. V. :International Standardization Organization for Automation Systems and Measuring Systems)

DTS Insight is a member of ASAM e.V to utilize ASAM standards that are widely used in ECU-development environments and to link tools.To ensure the seamless use of our customers, we are working to comply with ASAM for RAMScope products and to collaborate with other companies' ASAM compliant product tools.

【RAMScopeVP and GT170 Support A2L,MDF and XCP on Ethernet of ASAM Standards】

Collaboration with Other Companies' Tools based on ASAM-XCP Standards

【XCP-connection with calibration tool and HILS tool】

XCP (ASAM MCD-1 MC typical) is the definition of the communication protocol for measurement and calibration.
RAMScope-EXG(GT170) is compatible with XCP on Ethernet and can be linked with conformance tools compliant with ASAM standards and higher-level tools such as HILS.
Normally, the XCP driver is implemented in the ECU and the ECU is connected to the host (calibration and HILS) tool as an XCP slave. However, since RAMScope-EXG(GT170) is an XCP slave, the higher-level tools can be connected without the XCP driver being implemented in the ECU.RAMScopeVP Professional License supports model-specific configuration file creation (A2L) for XCP connectivity. (Export measurement / variable channel / XCP information with RAMScope VP to A2L)

Synchronous Measurement with Other Measuring Devices and Cooperation by API Disclosure

【Measurement linkage with other measuring equipment (data synchronization)】

When performing variable measurement inside microcontroller and synchronized measurement with ECU peripheral signals in other measuring instruments:
The synchronous pulse is given to "the external trigger input CN" of RAMScope-EXG(GT170), and the variable measurement (RAM value) can be obtained at the timing of the pulse.(external signal sampling measurement mode)

RAMScope measurement data (ECU-internal data) is acquired and stored at the measurement timing of the measuring instrument.RAMScopeVP can be exported as a CSV-format file or an MDF-format file.Please use it when combining with the recorded data of the synchronized measuring device.

【Disclosure of RAMScopeVP and APIs:Connecting a User-Specific Measurement System】

To build an ECU integrated test environment:
In order to conduct tests in conjunction with several measuring instruments and RAMScope, we are asked to disclose the operating command library of RAMScope.

To support our customers in developing ECU measurement test systems, we disclose APIs that control RAMScope from host PCs (free of charge (*))

※In principle, we do not support system development using API.
(Please contact our sales staff for details)