Versatile/High-Speed Flash On-Board Programmer

NETIMPRESS next is a succeeding model of the conventional MegaNETIMPRESS.
The programming specification is fully compatible, allowing you to use the conventional CF card and probe cable.
It also pursues convenience to introduce to lines and is equipped with functions of a Flash programmer that are more secure, faster, and easier to use.

  • Definition file is fully compatible with the conventional MegaNETIMPRESS
  • Equipped with a high-speed programming interface 10Mbps
  • Equipped with a RS232C interface for BCR (bar code)(equipped with a 5V power supply)
    • BCR allows object switching and prevents set-up change errors
  • Equipped digital I/O
    • This single unit allows cooperation control with manufacturing equipment (jigs, etc.)
  • Programming sequence control by Script file
    • Manages switching, programming execution, and digital I/O control
  • Execution log function (ON/OFF is selectable)
    • Stores execution logs of programming with time stamps
  • Compact design 110(L) x 157(W) x 45(H)mm
  • Programming data handling
    • Compact flash strage
    • Stores all the programming conditions in the YIM folder
  • PC remote control mode (AZ491 support)
  • Stand-alone mode
    • Allows operation by membrane key
    • Key operation and key lock function for prevention of operation error
  • Expanded support device with addition of a definition file license
  • AF430 equipped CAN